Life Lessons In Disney Movies

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Disney movies not only pack a lot of fun and entertainment for kids as well as adults, but also contain valuable life lessons. It is easy for children to get caught up in all the magic, mystery and catchy songs of the movies, but beneath it all are stories that even adults can take to heart. Take a look at some of the important life lessons that are taught by the characters in our favorite Disney movies. 1 Always Believe in Yourself – Aladdin Although seen as a riff-raff and street rat by others Aladdin knows that if people look closer they would find out that there is so much more to him than just being a poor boy. This classic tale of a street-urchin who falls in love with a princess teaches us that we don’t have to pretend to be someone we are not in order to win the love of someone else. Even when others could not see his true potential Aladdin was still a diamond in the rough. Through the course of the movie Aladdin discovers that it is not money or power that makes the princess fall in love with him, but his personality. Jasmine also demonstrated the value of being true to yourself and not conforming to what everyone else is expecting. 2 Friends Can Help You Get Through Tough Times – Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada, the protagonist of Big Hero 6 experiences a terrible loss at the start of the movie, but with…show more content…
Because he feels like he is not getting the appreciation or recognition that he deserves Ralph leaves the game in the hopes of becoming a hero elsewhere. However, without Ralph in the game it is unplayable, which places all the other characters at risk of being unplugged. Sometimes it can feel like what we do is meaningless or insignificant until we learn to see the bigger picture and realize how valuable our contributions really are. This movie teaches us that our jobs do not have to define us and even if we cannot all be the hero it doesn’t mean what we do is not
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