Life Lessons In John Hersey's Survival

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In John Hersey’s Survival, readers learn several incredible incidences that took place prior to John F. Kennedy’s presidency. This short story presents the bravery and determination of a man who willing to do anything for his comrades. It also presents moral life lessons such as perseverance and faith. Lastly, it represents the success that one could possible achieve if they possess basic survival knowledge. To begin with, John F. Kennedy was a lieutenant for motor torpedo boats in World War II. On one dreadful night an enemy ship crashed into Kennedy’s boat resulting the boat to go up in flames, torn apart, and a stranded crew. However, Kennedy did not let these things interfere with getting remaining men to safety and out of harm’s way. After hours and hours of constant swimming and extreme dehydration, Kennedy somehow manages to get to an island along with his friend Ross. John Hersey portrays Kennedy as a courageous individual. The audience becomes well aware of the hard work that he puts in. Even though he faced numerous obstacles, he didn’t let it get in the way of helping his men. John F. Kennedy was remarkable soldier. Furthermore, John Hersey sent various messages when he wrote Survival. One may believe that when he produced this, he wrote about…show more content…
One may presume that this was a real life example of how anyone can achieve excellence no matter what they’ve been through. Hersey does a wonderful job using John F. Kennedy’s back story. To summarize, in order to be a survivor in this world, one must be brave, have determination, and faith in the lord. If people are to follow these simple guidelines, they will then become the ultimate survivor and will able to accomplish anything thrown at them in life. It is even appropriate to say they will become successful just as John F. Kennedy became our nation’s 35th president of the United States of
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