Life: Literature: A Reflection Of Life

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Literature: A Reflection of Life (LITR201 -1602B -03) Instructor: June Wagner Unit 2- Fiction Amanda Kranning May 21, 2016 During my discussion board post, I voiced my opinion on fiction as an expressive way of writing. Fiction is an open dialect between realism and imagination balancing interpretation with the reader. Fiction opens the mind to many wonders of the world. Aliens on other planets, ghosts in your bedroom or a romantic encounter are all forms of fiction that can expand your thoughts. I thoroughly enjoy a good book occasionally that allows me to escape real life and take me to another dimension. Fiction can be a great method for relaxing or entertainment. Some of my favorite genres are Science fiction & fantasy like Twilight. I was fully enthralled in the fantasy of vampires and the human nature to which they still try to maintain. I am also intrigued by family dramas like Flowers in the Attic. The psychological influence these books portray allow insight to how people develop into the character through challenges. This is told through the back-story, the incident the changes them and the human nature even though it is fiction. Another subgenre of fiction is romance however, there are even more categories within this sort such as historical, romance suspense, science fiction romance and many more. Generally, the guidelines within any romance novel will follow the same strategies with the primary being on a romantic relationship between two
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