Life Of An American Soldier: Louie Zamperini

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This book is mainly discussed in the book is the life of an American soldier. The author show us turning points of the main character Louie Zamperini, and told me something important. Firstly are kinship and encourage. When Louie was a child, he was not a good boy. He often steal things and hind the things in a box in the city and avoid policemen. Actually, Louie has talent in running, his brother Pete Zamperini asked Louie enter in the track and field team. Kingship and Louie 's brother 's encourage changes Louie 's life. Louie went to the Olympic Game and got eighth place. Secondly are friendship and perseverance. Later, Louie went to the World War II be a soldier. In one mission, the flight he was taken were falling in the sea.
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