Life Of An Immigrant Essay

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The Life of an Immigrant What are some of the experiences immigrants go through? In today’s society, many people are leaving their homes in search of work. Furthermore, the life of migrant workers consist of varieties of obstacles. For example, an immigrant who does not speak the language of his new environment will find it challenging to find work. Unlike native citizens, immigrants endure varieties of difficulties such as isolation and adaptation, due to learning a new language and cultural barriers, which can be solved through education and assimilation First of all, isolation is a common issue that many immigrants feel when moving to a new country. For example, I grew up in the Marshall Islands, but attended an American School. This was an eye opening experience for me because it demonstrated how my peers once viewed…show more content…
For example, “Taken hold at last was the belief that, the calming assurance, that I belonged in Public” (Rodriguez 308). The author conveys a message that immigrants should learn to adapt to their new environments. However, culture plays the role of a barrier that separates them and their new way of life. Furthermore, immigrants hold on to their culture because it gives them a sense of identity, which can also alienate them in the eyes of their new fellow citizens. A solution to culture barriers would be to assimilate some of the new culture with their own. Furthermore, assimilation can prevent forms of harassment and discrimination from native citizens, who can be culturally ignorant at times. Hence, I believe that adaptation can be difficult for immigrants, due to cultural barriers, but can be resolved with cultural assimilation. The overall message is that immigrant’s experience difficulties such as isolation and adaptation, due to cultural barriers and new languages, but can be solved through education and cultural assimilation. As an
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