Life Of Pi And The Tempest

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The values and attitudes that the protagonists carry with them into new worlds can influence their perception of their discoveries and its significance, giving the protagonist a growing depth of understanding and discernment. Discoveries, driven by wonder or necessity, can be challenging and confronting, compelling individuals to leave their comfort zone. Consequently, they are prepared to sacrifice the old to embrace the new, transforming and gaining new insights of themselves and the world around them. “The Tempest, a pastoral romance by William Shakespeare, portrays individuals who were faced with confronting experiences that assess their values, and who rediscover the necessity for compassion instead of abuse of power, leading them to re-evaluate their relations with other characters. In comparison, Ang Lee’s film, “The Life of Pi” is primarily focused on the process of self-discovery through isolation. Lee makes it clear that discoveries can shape our identity by either challenging or affirming our beliefs about ourselves and our world. The initial challenging discoveries of doubt and inner darkness can enable the protagonist to emerge wise and fulfilled, eventually rewarding them with a fully-grown depth of understanding and discernment. In the first stage of discovery the individual leaves the familiar and ventures from the ordinary into the extraordinary. The Tempest opens during a fierce storm at sea, with a royal party on board, representing Prospero’s initial
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