Life Of Pi Character Analysis

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Yann Martel filled the novel with clever and beautiful characters, and unparalleled imagery. She uses the characters to portray the deep connections that man makes with animal. Pi will meet animals that will change the way he thinks and views the world in all ways. He will experience love, hate, and fear throughout the novel. In The Life of Pi, it shows several key relationships between man and animal that are truly fascinating. It will explore the different obstacles in the road for Pi, starting with the sinking of the ship that carried Pi and his family in the direction of Canada. Pi is forced to survive 227 days and to overcome unpredictable and unimaginable feats, all the while staying alive to tell the tale.
Piscine Molitor Patel, otherwise known as Pi (due to the fact that Piscine is a homophone to... ) is the main character and primary protagonist in the novel. Pi is not only the main character, but also the narrator for most of the story. Pi, who is raised as a Hindu, is a very curious and eager character as a child. He practiced vegetarianism while living in india. His father owned a zoo in Pondicherry India, where Pi was fascinated by the animals his father enclosured. In 1977, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency. The previous war with Pakistan left the country in a bad state. Problems like drought and oil
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After going over the points and archetypes of The Life of Pi, it is clear that there is underlying meaning in Yann Martel 's writing. Yann Martel encrypted several archetypes into her characters, covering the many different behaviors and personalities. Martel also exposes the several wrongs and rights in the world, as it is clearly shown through the characters. He shows the good in humans and animals and the evil that goes with it. No world is perfect, and Martel shows the evil that is possible. The relationships that are created and destroyed in the novel are truly eye opening, and are a great portrayal of life
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