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Life of Pi film analysis

I found the movie, Life of Pi, very beautiful. The richness of all the colors of the trees, the animals, the ocean, all of it was just beautiful. Not only was the quality of the visuals amazing but they also took what you would think would be the most boring story you could think of, a guy on a boat for 227 days with nothing to do but survive, and made it an action packed film that kept you on the edge of your seat the entire length of the movie. I give props for taking the book and making an exciting movie that I really loved out of it. The actors who played both older Pi, Irrfan Khan, and younger Pi, Suraj Sharma, also did an amazing job playing their parts. Life of Pi is told in a unique way that I love. Not only is a story about a treacherous feat of Piscine Patel lost at sea, it has an extra part about why the story is being told. A canadian writer is looking for a story to write and is told to find our main character, Pi, and this is why the story is told. Then after this amazing story is told, Pi leaves you to decide which story you want to believe is real, the story with the animals and the living island or the more believable story that he was forced to tell the two Maritime Department officials, and he leaves the canadian writer to decide which to write about as well.
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When Pi was stuck at sea Suraj Sharma, the actor of young Pi, really displayed the stress he was going through and how distraught he was towards the end of his journey. Then as the movie came to a close and the story of Pi being stuck at sea came to an end, it went back to Irrfan Khan, the actor of older Pi, sitting in his living room telling the story and a tear rolls from his eye but his voice does not shake or stutter and it really shows how much this story has affected his life. They both convey the feelings and emotions so well and you really feel the tragedy in the

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