Life Of Pi Hero's Journey Analysis

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Yann martel wrote a book featuring a young adult named Piscine Patel who is on his way to complete a hero's journey. This journey really shows how much someone can adapt to such a life changing experience. Before Pi’s journey began he lived in Pondicherry, India, along with growing up in the zoo his father owned. Having the opportunity to be raised in a zoo gave him skills that help him survive his voyage.
Pi starts his expedition by his family telling him the news of them moving to Canada and bringing the Pondicherry zoo too. When he finds out this news he feels downhearted and has all these other thoughts running through his mind. Pi is refusing to go along because he doesn’t want to leave Mr. Kumar and Mr. Kumar, one was a Biology teacher
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Also, since the supplies on the lifeboat was only for a few days until rescue came, they began to run out of food and could no longer fish due to the lack of energy. Around the end of his journey Pi washes up among this carnivores Island. The island acts as a reward for them both because there is food fresh water ponds and a safe place to restore their energy. Many muskrats roamed the island and dead fish that came out of the freshwater pond at night. Unfortunately it wasn't what they had expected because Pi found human teeth in fruit like plants, the island became acidic at night, and the fish were salt water fish in a freshwater pond. Thus lead Pi to gather up food and head back on his voyage home.
The road back to Pi’s somewhat normal life begins after he leaves the uncanny, floating island. Pi has felt many levels of fear and wanting death to come his way but this was the climax of his tolerance for life. As the journey comes to a conclusion, Pi lands on a Mexican beach after 227 days at sea. Followed by Richard Parker running off and never returning. During this time, Pi is literally heart broken and he is overwhelmed with feelings, because they were both reliant on each other for

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