Life Of Pi Persuasive Essay

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Do you have what it takes to survive? Is it more valuable to be physically or mentally strong in a life or death situation? If you’re in a critical situation you’d want to be able to both outthink the issue and be prepared for the risks and calculate everything. You’d also, if necessary, want to be able to overpower the task at hand. In order to survive, and thrive under the best possible conditions one needs to be both mentally fit and physically fit.
To be physically strong, is to be able to run fast, lift heavy objects, and generally be able to overpower the competition. This asset is very valuable when it comes to fight or flight life or death type of situations. For instance, let’s say that you are in a 9/11 scenario and your flight has
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Reason being, if you’re strong, but can’t do basic survival skills you’re doomed. Whereas, if you are exceptionally smart, you could solve any problems that could arise and have a higher chance of survival. For example, in the story “The Life of Pi” Pi had to able to mentally decide to kill the fish. Without him being mentally smart and theoretical as to how to kill the fish, he would have died.
A counterclaim to the above examples are that being emotionally sound and in tune with your emotions is the key to survival. If you’re too scared or too sad to have a will to survive, them you won’t. For example, if you’re trapped on an island, but your emotions are out of control, such as being too scared to move, then being smart to fit doesn’t help. So, for a counterclaim, maybe emotional strength is the key strength.
In conclusion, mental and physical strength are necessary in order to survive. You need to be physically fit in order to move things and overpower competition. Also, you need to be mentally fit and smart to think of a plan. You need to be able to be both of these things, not to the extreme however, you don’t need to be a genius or an Olympic weightlifter. So, in conclusion one needs to be strong and smart to
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