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‘’If you are sincerely seeking god, he will make his existence evident to you’’, this quote by William Lane Craig, is suggesting a very simple thing here, a person is what he/she believes. Our belief is what separate us from each other. Some of us believe in God and some of us carry a contradictory view to it. When a person faces the worst of a situation, the belief grows stronger. A person either blames god for the situation or seek God to make it through the situation. With the novel, ‘Life of Pi’, author showed us how a person’s interspirituality and an unreciprocated companionship with an animal kept him alive. Following three different religions, this person would have never imagined, his faith would help him survive two hundred plus…show more content…
That is when Pi is seen to remembering god. ‘’Praise to be Allah, Lord of All Worlds, the compassionate, the Merciful, Ruler of Judgement Day!’’(259). He is not scared rather is intrigued by such a close encounter with bolt and lightning. He looks at it with a very broad view and feel happy about this encounter with nature. He entertains the thought, how the universe in one span, capture both thunder and tinkle, thick and thin, the near and the far. (259)

Also, when he spots the ship and he could do was thank god with all his joy and happiness.
‘’Thank you, Lord Ganesh! Blessed me you in all your manifestations, Allah-Brahman’’ ( 260). In the beginning, being the only survivor of the wreck he turns towards his religious thinking when he sees Richard Parker swimming towards him. ‘’Jesus, Mary, Muhammad and Vishnu, how good to see you’’(107). He is relieved and also happy to see that someone else survived the wrecked too. And when he realises it’s a tiger, he falls back and pray again for his life.

Pi, is so much focused on Richard Parker and keeping him alive that he really does not get to his religious imaginations except for some situations. But he subconsciously always indulge with his religious side. He attach himself to Richard Parker emotionally and makes all his decisions on the basis of

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