Life Of Pi Reflection Essay

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In our everyday lives we go through struggles and times when we are down. In Yann Martel 's story Life of Pi the protagonist Pi finds himself stranded on a lifeboat trying to discover who he truly is. This story exemplifies many lessons and values to the readers, these lessons and values are great for the ENG1D course as the story focuses on a teen who learns many new things in his life. Throughout the story Pi finds himself not knowing who he truly is on the inside. He starts off with rebellion in his journey towards adulthood and his maturity and maturity as a person. He then finds himself going through strength and courage while stuck on a lifeboat with a tiger who is trying to eat him. Pi also faces acceptance where he is trying to be accepted by members of his community.…show more content…
Early on in the story Pi rebels by studying three different religions, Hindu, Christian and Muslim. The priest was very upset with him studying two religions other than the one of the country. Studying more than one religion in India is against accepted practice, which leads to the priest to have a harsh discussion with Pi´s parents. Pi is showing actions of confidence and determination with regards to practicing and studying different languages against his religion. This also shows Pi becoming more mature as a person as he now believes he is capable of making his own decisions instead of his parents or others making decisions for him. This is a good lessons for teens in our world to learn because they 're getting to that age where they should be making decisions on their own. Later on during the story Pi eats parts of the chefs body. Eating another person is cannibalism and is normally not accepted by society. This again shows Pi showing more maturity in being capable of making his own decisions as a human and become more mature in his

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