Life Of Pi Reflection

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Life of Pi has a major twist towards the end of the film, with the alternate story yielding that the truth can be stranger than one’s imagination. Pi 's first version of the story is not believed, thus he decided to come up with a fictitious alternate story in order to make more sense to others. This made me connect with the story, as through experience, sometimes when you say the truth to others, some might tend not to believe you. They either genuinely do not believe due to the extreme nature of the story, or it could be that they expect another version which is pre-formed in their own minds. It could also be that the true version is not what they wanted to hear – for example if the story ended with a positive outcome or success in your regard, they would not be happy with that and rather preferred that you had some form of failure.

The story also interlinks with religion and different beliefs. It is like reality is a strange world and humans do not know how to make sense of the matter. It is like mankind created stories of Gods and religions so as to help better understand our view of the world. As already noted, at the end of the film, the audience is left unsure of which story is the true one, blurring the line between reality and fiction. This also hazes the line between our world as pictured through science and our world through religious beliefs. All this could lead to questions like: Did really God create everything? Or, was it man that created the story of God so

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