Doubt In Life Of Pi

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“Faith is a house with many rooms.” “But no room for doubt?” “Oh plenty, on every floor. Doubt is useful, it keeps faith a living thing. After all, you cannot know the strength of your faith until it is tested” (Netter, Lee, Womark, Magee & Lee, 2012). This dialogue from the film Life of Pi rightly encapsulates the central message and idea of PK. PK exposed many issues regarding religion, some of which even caused a stir amongst conservative groups in India. Many of these issues are present in all religions of the world which makes it more relevant to us. But the main idea that PK is trying to convey is that we have forgotten the true essence of practicing a religion, faith.

Faith is religion. There is no standard or norm in practicing any
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Throughout the film, Pk questioned a lot of dogmas and practices in all religions. These doubts led him to understanding the value of faith. As mentioned in the quote above, doubt is natural. We humans ask questions because we are curious beings. As much as it is normal, it is also good to have doubts. Having doubts mean that you are willing to question your beliefs to know what is rightfully true. When Pk, the Indians and even I doubted our faith, it showed that the first step to understanding faith is questioning it. This is God’s way of testing us if we are truly faithful in Him. By accepting our doubts and questions we are also admitting to ourselves that we have not been whole-heartedly showing our real faith. We learn from our own questions; we develop through our doubts. The questions that surfaced after watching the movie only made me realize how vital it is to continue to find ourselves so that we will be able to find God. Questioning my beliefs made my faith in God grow because I was able to assess what in my opinion was the right thing to do show my love for…show more content…
I have my own beliefs and I show my faith in my own way. But even though faith is unique and personal, God connects us with one another. Our difference in religious practices should not hinder us from achieving unity because at the end of the day, God is the link that strengthens our
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