Life Of Pi Case Study

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* DECIDE THE CASE MORALLY,NOT LEGALLY.IGNORE THE LAWS. Pi was migrating to Canada with his family because of shifting government policies.But tradgedy strikes and his ship got sink in the midway of their voyage due to a disastrous storm.Pi escapes in a lifeboat but soon discovers that their were many wild animals in the boat along with him.Hyena killed zebra and orangutan and after that the Bengal tiger killed Hyena.Finally they reached an island and the tiger went to a nearby jungle.At the last Pi says that hyena symbolizes the cook, the zebra the sailor, the orangutan Pi's mother, and the tiger Pi. Life of Pi symbolises that truth can be stranger than fiction.Pi kills the cook eats his heart but his deed is justified as he was in a condition…show more content…
Like while breathing we don't pay much attention to air around us,but we get to know its real value when get deprived of it. Pi's survival was only possible by killing them or else he might have died and in such an extraordinary conditions then basic premises are just not applicable.It is simply absurd to apply them in such…show more content…
He said that it is impossible for him to declare Pi innocent.The more he examines this case and think about it, the more deeply he become involved and making his mind entangled.He found that every reason to declare him innocent was balanced by a reason to prove him guilty. He withdraws from the case making no decision. Justice Keen He puts two questions before the Court. First that whether executive clemency should be extended to these defendants if the conviction is affirmed and second that of deciding whether what these men did was "right" or "wrong," "wicked" or "good." He says "Whoever shall willfully take the life of another shall be punished by death."He said that Pi has commited a crime and so should be punished. He concluded assertions are, of course, ahead of any duties that he had to discharge with relation to this case, but he implicated them in the case saying that Foster is still unaware of dangers implicit in the conceptions of the judicial office advocated. He concluded that the conviction should be affirmed. HANDY,
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