Major Themes In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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How does the author introduce major themes in the beginning of the Life of Pi?

At the the beginning of the novel Yann Martel enlightens the audience on several major themes that are than being explored in its second and third part. Some of the major themes that the author introduces at the beginning of the book is the loss of innocence, religion, the definition of freedom, the primacy of survival and other majors themes. Ways of how one of the many major themes that were introduced, will be explored in the essay. The theme that will be discussed is loss of innocence.

The theme of loss of innocence in the book has a certain level of significance from its very beginning, showing Pi as an innocent young boy living in the Pondicherry Zoo in
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Its shown in the paragraph that states "I love Canada. I miss the heat of India, the food, the house of lizards on the walls......, but I love Canada. It's a great country much to cool for good sense, inhabited by compassionate, intelligent people with bad hairdos. Anyway, I have nothing to go home to in Pondicherry." In this quotation it can be seen that Martel's main character is from India where he lost his home and now lives in Canada. This paragraph uses connotations, by using 'Canada' people make associations with cold and snowy weather and by using 'Pondicherry' people make associations with heat and lots of sun. By using those connotations the author activates people's emotions that make them think what would they prefer and how could Pi go from living in such a hot place to a cold one. In this paragraph, which is told through the eyes of the main character, Pi, it can be seen that he describes his home in India with a lot of love, saying that he misses many things there. However, at the same time he tells the audience 'I love Canada' suggesting that he wouldn't go back, showing that its rather many good memories that he has concerning his life in India, than the real life he can go back to and revisit by physically going there. The content of the paragraph suggests that the last time Pi went to Pondicherry was probably a long time ago and that its the last place where he was innocent, before his life turned upside down. The sentence 'Anyway, I have nothing to go home to in Pondicherry' shows that he had a home there, which he lost at some point of his life, which might be exactly what led him to living in Canada and that in the process of losing his home in Pondicherry and searching for another one, he lost his innocence too. The word 'anyway' used by Martel in the sentence shows that in a way he doesn't

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