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Life of Pie is a novel written by Yann Martel who was born on June 25, 1963, in Salamanca, Spain. It is basically a fictional story about a boy struggling through the difficulties after a shipwreck in which his whole family died along with the crewmembers. He learns new ways to survive at the sea. It teaches a person to stay patient and not to lose hope in any circumstance.

The first part of the novel is narrated as in the first person by Pi himself. Pi recounts his story from the background telling about his life, about the years he spent as a teenage boy and a high school student in Toronto. He further relates to his boyhood experiences in the Pondicherry. He tells that he has suffered a lot and found consolation in religion and zoology. He illustrates the fact that a very close family friend; his uncle and a business correlate to his father taught him to swim. His name was Francis Adirubasamy and he was a swimming champion. Pi tells the story behind his unusual name, his name is after the famous Piscine Monlitor; which is a Parisian
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The lifeboat’s passengers coexist cautiously. During a short period of temporarily sightlessness brought on by dehydration, Pi argues with some blind castaway. They both discuss about the food and tie their boats together. The blind man then attacks Pi and as intending to eat him Richard Parker kills him. Lately they boat moves by an odd island where Pi and Richard Parker land. The island was very weird and strange; the trees were grown out without any soil. Pi and Richard Parker spent some time there, sleeping in the boats and looking through the island in daytime. Sooner Pi discovers a colony of meerkats who reside in the trees and freshwater ponds. One day Pi discovers human teeth in a fruit and finds that the island eats people. Pi and Richard Parker moves back to the shore where Richard Parker runs, while the villagers take Pi to the

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