Life Of Rizal Analysis

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From the very start since elementary until we reach highschool, the Life of José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda also known as Jose Rizal has been taught to us over and over again. But they taught us only the basic information about him. But in college we will be able to know more about them from the very little information to the biggest. We are aiming to write the historical and cultural sketch of the Life of Rizal as a student in Ateneo. Like us he also became a student. Like us he also have ups and downs that he encountered when he start going to school. The main aim of our group is to summarize and emphasize the life of Rizal In Ateneo De Manila. June 10, 1872, Jose went to manila to take an Entrance examination on College…show more content…
Spanish, at the end of a short time succeeded already to write it moderately well. His name was Francisco de Paula Sanches. With his aid I studied mathematics, rhetoric, and Greek with some advantage. Often I got sick with fever despite the gymnastic exercises that we had, in which I was very much behind, though not so in drawing under a teacher worthy of his name and under whose guidance I still continue to study I’m proud to tell you, reader, that I spent this year better than anybody else as a student, as a man, and as a Christian...” In a letter to Blumentritt dated May 1890, Rizal described the priest: "Father Sanchez is a penetrating observer, although rather pessimistic, always looking at the bad side of things. When we were in school we used to call him a 'dark spirit' and the students nicknamed him 'Paniki', which is a kind of bat". By the help of Fr. Sanchez, Rizal pursue his dream and outstands to the whole class. He won five medals at the end of the school term. He excitedly went to calamba for summer vacation and presented them his
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