Life On The Color Line Analysis

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In the book Life on the Color Line is about a boy that live both the white life and the black life. Greg, a young boy, that had a half black father and a white mother grew up in the 1950’s. When he was eight years old his parent’s business failed and then his mother and father got a divorce and the mother left with his two younger brothers and left Greg and his younger brother, Mike, with their alcoholic father. When Greg’s father went broke they moved to their aunt and uncles home in Muncie, Indiana. Being in a new school Greg faced racism from his classmates and teachers because of his black relatives. Greg’s uncle complained about the to boys being hard to handle they thought that putting the two boys in to an orphanage would be the best option. Miss Dora, a poor black widow from their aunts church, offered to care for the boys. Before the boys moved in Miss Dora was living off of twenty-five dollars a week and now with two boys that was not enough money to care…show more content…
Just being half black and still facing racism at a young age would be something that you will never forget. As a women I have faced men who still believe that women should do the house work. I feel belittled when I get treated like out dated stereotypes. Now days there was a women that ran for the president of the United States. By having a women run for the president was a good example that women are capable to do just as much as men. It would be extremely difficult to be in Greg’s position and have deal his mother leaving him and his younger brother with their alcoholic father and taking the responsibility to care for his younger brother until they moved in with their aunt and uncle. Then moving into a house with a low income women that they have never meet before. I would not be able to understand why I had to leave my family and move into a strangers
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