The Life On The Street Poem Analysis

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The life on the street The thought of running away was on my mind I did not want to face that sad little face Then I surprised myself... I stopped and stared in that blue little eyes Of a young boy. I turned to face a special little kid with his face in a dustbin, trying to find something to eat. His shoulders was as skinny as spears. Suddenly... He turned facing me, the thought of running away jumped out of my mind. Staring at the this boy carrying the world on his shoulders. With no family and friends on his side. How can such a young boy be alone ? “The life on the street” Hermrique Steenkamp The life on the streets, is written by Hermrique Steenkamp. This is my first poem I wrote. the poem, The life on the street, came from the heart. The poem is about a young boy, who lived on the street. This young boy did not have any friends and family. He had no one to go to when he was feeling sad or lonely. He was forced to face the world alone, with no one to catch him when he falls.…show more content…
I parked the car outside my mother’s favourite shop. She asked me if I want to come in, but I said no. While she was busy inside, my eyes scanned through the people around the vehicle. My eye caught this little figure far, asking people money or something to eat. He was begging for someone to stop and give him something. Everyone pushed him away. There was one man, who slapped him to the ground. The fact that he did that to such a small, special and lost boy, was unforgivable. That image haunted me. It brought a tear to my

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