Life Orientation: Alcohol Assignment

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Life orientation: Alcohol Assignment.
Grade 11R
Elai Zlotnick

Task 1:advert

1) In the First advert (binge drinking girl) alcohol is portrayed as a negative substance. In the first advert we see a girl whose clothes are torn, her heal is broken, her makeup is smudged and she has vomit in her hair. In the advert a very low spirited song is played in the background. Therefore in the first advert alcohol is portrayed as a substance that causes you to lose control of what you are doing , get into an uncomfortable situation (hence broken heal and torn clothes) it completely takes over you , and your ability to make conscious decisions. Alcohol is also portrayed as negative in this advert because of the low spirited music played in the background,
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In this advert we see a boy who has messy hair, has a torn jacket, bruises and an earring has been ripped out from his ear. The music associated with this advert is more upbeat than the previous advert.

2) I think that these adverts will impact the viewer to drink responsibly, whether to drink at all. These adverts can have a change in a person’s way of believing that alcohol is guaranteed to give you a good time, but rather it will change their mind set into seeing the truth as to what could happen if you do binge drink. Thus causing the viewer to stop binge drinking or start drinking in moderation.

3) Yes, I think the adverts are effective because they show the viewer what the end result would be of binge drinking. This is effective because it causes the viewer to think twice before going out and binge drinking because no one wants to come home looking the way the people did in the adverts. Therefore, this advert causes viewers to be aware of the consequences that could come from binge drinking and thus causing them to be responsible.

4) I think that the reason as to why they portray a girl different to a boy is because society sees it as ‘more acceptable’ for a boy to get drunk than it is for a girl thus explaining the two different atmospheres in the
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Akeso psychiatric clinic, SHARP recovery center, CHANGES treatment center.
3. The rehabilitation process is successful, however only if you are committed to the program and are mentally accepting the help that you are given will your treatment be successful
4. It is not a set period of time that a patient will be done with rehabilitation, some patients could need 90 days in rehab whereas others only need a 30 day session. The session time varies according to the addiction in question, the individual's history with addiction, dual diagnosis conditions, and the individual's specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.
5. No, alcoholism can never be cured because the actual cure for alcoholism has not yet been found. This means that even if an ‘ex’ alcoholic has been sober for many years he/she could have a relapse at any given moment.
6. The long term effects of alcoholism in terms of rehabilitation is that the long term rehabilitation is a longer period of time. In terms of personal wellbeing’s is that you will have to be more couscous when alone and to develop a self-control and then this is better for your personal wellbeing. In terms of social interaction you are no longer able to have a social drink in the dangers of having a

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