Life Orientation Alcohol Assignment

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Life Orientation Alcohol Assignment
Task 1: Advert

1. Alcohol is indirectly portrayed through mans and woman's behaviour and appearance. Alcohol is portrayed in the advert of the woman through her torn top, smeared makeup, the vomit in her hair and through the broken heel of her shoes. Alcohol is portrayed in the man’s advert through his broken watch, torn top and pants, urine on his shoes and his bloody nose.

2. The advert can have two different impacts. Depending on the person watching it, it can impact them differently. If the viewer is a person who has experienced this and goes out often to drink, then these adverts could change the values and beliefs of the viewer. It could change their values and beliefs by resulting in them receiving
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As in question 2, there could be two different outcomes. Depending on the viewer it can be effective but it could be ineffective as well. It could be affective in that the viewer could get the message of the advert and change their ways and the way they think about alcohol. It could be ineffective as the viewer might not care if that happens to them and some people might think that it won't happen to them as they have done it in the past. This may cause them to then just ignore the advert. Hence, I think the advert is both effective and…show more content…
I think these adverts are relevant to teenagers. Teenagers are at the age where they start experimenting with substances like alcohol. As they are teenagers they are not yet as responsible as may be adults in the way that they are not as equipped or experienced to always make the correct choices. They are also constantly under peer pressure and they might not know when enough is enough. This may cause them to land up being in a situation like the one presented in the two adverts. They do not reflect my experience of alcohol as I myself do not drink excessively. I believe that one should respect the age limit of drinking as it is there for a reason. However I do believe that both these adverts apply to teenagers all around the world as it's not just British teens getting drunk but it's teenagers from all around the world who face the same
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