Nike's Mission Statement

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Carmen Wylie Gr 11 Life Orientation- Task A Goals and Mission Statements Question 1: Source A and B are considered to be examples of personal mission statements. Would you agree? Explain your answer. Refer to each source separately in your answer. (2×3=6) A personal mission statement a short description of what someone wants to achieve, focus or become in the future, giving purpose to their life. Sources A and B would both be considered mission statements as its stating what both Mahatma Ghandi and Ben Franklin want to achieve and what they live by. Ghandi has started each statement with ‘I shall’ making it his personal mission statement and help him become who he is and Franklin has listed his values and explained it showing…show more content…
It makes one feel motivated as you feel you have been taken into consideration. Identify two of the company’s core values as indicated in their mission statement. (2) Sustain innovation and having an impact on the community Comment on the effectiveness of the language used in communicating the intention of the company. Refer to the source in your answer. (4) It has inspiring words that were used to communicate to the people and has an ironic word-athlete because it later on in the statement refers to athlete as anyone who has a body, making you feel also in a way makes you feel that with the product you will feel ‘inspired’ and ‘innovative’. Makes us want to feel like a winner and think like a winner which is covered by the ‘inspiration’. Identify 3 clear goals that they strive to highlight in their mission statement. Refer to the source in your answer.
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