Euthanasia Persuasive Essay

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Life Orientation discursive essay – Euthanasia Dana Osborn 12V

The legalization of euthanasia is a vital part in accommodating those who are in life threatening situations, excruciatingly painful situations or both. Giving them the right to chose life or death can not only give a humane end but it can also prevent worse conditions created from unassisted, attempted suicide or simply from the nature of condition. Making the legalization of euthanasia the more humane and practical option.
The very argument used by pro-lifers that all humans should have the right to live, in essence, supports the legalization of Euthanasia. As, a fundamental and ultimate part of life is death.
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These unassisted suicide attempts, if successful can leave loved ones traumatized and sad that they were unable to be there in that person’s final moments, and if these attempts are unsuccessful they can result in worse conditions which puts more financial and emotional pressure of the affected person(s). An example of this is the story of Bernard and Ida Heginbotham. Ida (age 87), whose condition was deteriorating after sickness and a bad fall, was unable to receive Euthanasia and instead she would be transferred to a nursing home. On April 14, 2004, Ida’s husband slit her throat and attempted to take his own life however he survived and was arrested and the charge of murder (Grimminck, 2014). This is a huge problem, especially in south Africa because of the vast number of people in poverty, thousands are unable to care for those suffering from ailments. Which leads to the more practical and perhaps even cynical view on legalized Euthanasia, if patients who are terminally ill and cannot be helped, have the option of Euthanasia, more time and resources can be spent on helping those who can and want to be helped. This would help a lot in south Africa as more medical resources and funds are needed.
However, some believe that euthanasia should be illegal. This opinion is held by many countries
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