Life Orientation: Life Orientment: Alcohol Assignment

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Life Orientation: Alcohol Assignment

Task 1: Advert:

1. In both adverts alcohol is indirectly portrayed by showing us, the viewers the effects it can have on our bodies after a night of binge drinking and therefore convincing the viewers to abstain from returning home in the condition that is portrayed in the advert.

In the binge drinking girl advert, we see how alcohol makes us think and act differently from how we would normally be. In the beginning of the advert, the girl is putting something sexy on, rather than dressing appropriately, she then rips her shirt and we can see her lingerie. She then vomits in the sink and all over her hair, and this is caused by her having to get rid of all the excess toxins that she
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Girls and boys are portrayed differently in the adverts due to stereotypes. Alcohol adverts often attract criticism for portraying women in a sexual way where men are seen in their normal lives, for example at a poker table, or fishing by a lake. It seems as though drinking is more normal and more acceptable for men as opposed to women. When a boy drinks alcohol, rage seems to become an issue. Boys tend to get into fights and in the advert the boy hits his face into the mirror. They become more violent when they are drunk and they become reckless. Girls however act differently when they are drunk. Girls are sometimes unable to handle their alcohol, and have very low alcohol tolerances, and there is the image of the girl vomiting in her hair, which clearly links to the point where the girl who holds her friends hair, also holds her reputation. The girls top is open in the advert, which links to the fact that girls get taken advantage of when they are drunk. In these adverts, the girl is seen to be dressing in quite a sexy, revealing, exposed way, whereas the boy is more angry and destructive. This is due to the way in which both sexes are seen in the world. Women are seen as sex appeal, and men are seen as being there to provide them that. Both genders though, do not approach alcohol differently. They both use and abuse alcohol in similar manners, despite the effects the alcohol will have on…show more content…
They need to look after themselves and make sure that they do not fall into another addiction in the future. Alcoholism can increase family problems and cause relationships to break. Alcohol can act as a depressant and can cause a change in personality. It often causes divorce and effects children that have parents suffering from the addiction. The children can develop learning issues and behavioural problems. Their friends and family must be aware that they cannot drink so that they are never offered any alcohol in case they are tempted to try it. After rehab, the person must never drink again, even though it will be tough, family, friends and colleagues must motivate them to keep strong and strive to be sober and healthy thereafter. Rehabilitation is a long and draining process and can even ruin relationships. All consequences of alcoholism link with each other and all have effects which are

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