Amy Winehouse Substance Abuse Case Study

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Life Orientation Task
Term 2
Substance abuse
Monique Kloppers
My task will be on Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan and Drew Barrymore.

Amy Winehouse
Who was she?
Amy Winehouse was a Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter from England. She was famous for her deep singing voice and many genres of singing consisting of rhythm, blues and soul. She was known for her songs ‘Rehab’ and ‘You know I 'm good’. She died on the 23rd of July in 2011 due to a heroin overdose and alcohol poisoning.

Substance abuse (drugs and alcohol) affected Amy 's life in a very bad way. She had a long history with alcohol and drug abuse but rejected psychiatric treatment on many occasions. She later realized that alcohol and drugs (heroin) were causing her to
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She has been arrested for possession of drugs and driving under the influence of alcohol. Because of all her arrests, she is struggling to find work in the acting and singing industry. In 2006 Lindsay Lohan overdosed on cocaine and painkillers, which left her unconscious in a hotel room. A few minutes after this happened a doctor was sent to her room and he helped her to regain consciousness. In her room he found a lot of cocaine and prescription pills. After this she was admitted to hospital and then to rehab. She has been to many rehabilitation centers throughout her life but none of these trips will ever help to fix her career. Drugs and alcohol have ruined many relationships in her life, specifically with her dad. However, she is trying to improve these relationships. Her problems with substance abuse started at a very young age with alcohol which lead her to also have problems with drugs. She was specifically addicted to cocaine and she says the more alcohol she drank the more cocaine she used. Today Lindsay Lohan is doing better. She is no longer addicted to drugs (cocaine) or alcohol but still makes trips to rehabilitation centers and will most probably never be successful within the entertainment industry again.

Cause of Substance Abuse
A cause of Lindsay Lohan’s substance abuse could be because of her parents divorce. The divorce really upset her, it caused her to become extremely depressed. She thought the only way she could help herself was with drugs and alcohol. Other people have also said that her substance abuse could be blamed on her entering the entertainment industry at such a young age. Drew

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