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Life Science 1 Lab Assignment Week 1 – Demo 1F Jing Dong UID: 504706115 Introduction The purpose of this lab was to use scientific method though a experiment, which include making observations, construct a hypothesis and test the hypothesis by the experiment. In this lab, the experiment is designed to use scientific method to observe the patterns of where do squirrel apply snake scent to their fur and to determine the behavior of two species of squirrels, which are Spermophilus beecheyi and Spermophilius variegates. The reason why we are investigating this experiment is because the rattlesnakes, which is the major predator of squirrels, and it seems that the application of snake scent (SSA) on squirrels’ fur were prearranged.…show more content…
The variable for this experiment were 5 regions of squirrels’ body. If we observe the application of snake scent is equally distributed in these 5 regions then it means the SSA is random and support the null hypothesis. Methods We watch four videos for both Spermophilus beecheyi and Spermophilius variegates, and we count the time that the squirrels apply the snake scent in the five regions of bodies. The five regions are flank, head, front leg, hind leg and tail. They acts as variable in the experiment. After the observation, we can use the data to have a chi-squared test. From the result of the test, we can either accept or reject the hypothesis and determine is the application of snake scent random or not. Results Table 1. Chi-Square results for S.
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