Personal Communication Skills

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Personal Communication and Life Skills Assessment Life skills are an essential list of qualities that in time translate into behavior. Life skills are a superset for communication skills. Communication skills refer to the set of abilities that allow us to interact with people and handle situations arising out of such interactions.

This section of the paper represents introspective communication skills. There are two parts to it. The first part exhibits one of my greatest strengths and the second part discloses my biggest weakness or area of improvement. Both parts contain a real time experience to enhance the learning ability of the reader.
Presentation Skills
The greatest communication skill that I possess is presentation
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I was hoping to land the assignment with “The Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens and already worked on the preliminaries. The other classic was Mark Twain’s classic “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. I was sure that most of my class would pick this book since it was extremely familiar literature. By choosing a different book, I could stand out in the crowd and possibly with better grades.

My hopes were dashed when our English teacher decided that it would be easier to grade if all of us worked the same book and assigned Mark Twain’s classic over Charles Dickens. The only thing that can influence the score now was presentation. Instead of following the traditional way of listing dates and events, I created a timeline chart for the important events based on a design on the internet. I revolutionized the list of characters by using a picture hierarchy as opposed to bullet points. Moreover, I used images of Tom and Huck in the Smart Art table that I used to point out similarities. I scored an A+ for that paper. The only student with any A level grade in my
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These kids were the life of parties, centre of the storm; in short, the most happening bunch of kids in school. It was a big deal to get invited to their parties let alone be invited to join the group. In October of 1996, they threw parties every other weekend and I was finally invited at the behest of my cousin who knew one of the guys. I was thrilled and went about bragging about it to anyone I ran into school the next day. Brian McCormick (one of the gang) came over during lunch and asked if they could host the party at my place. He stated that there was a last minute change in the plan and they needed a place to host the event. He then, added, “Your dad has a good stash of booze?” That was a turning point moment; a life changer, in fact. I pondered over all the possibilities; the girls I would meet; the social standing that the company of these kids would bring in school or even the neighbourhood. However, I couldn’t bring myself to abuse the trust my parents had placed in me. I declined. Needless to say, the invitation was revoked and I became the target of practical jokes for the reminder of the week. I also spent a lonely weekend with only the company of our family cat,

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