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Hi, I am Bethany Hamilton and today I am going to tell you my life story. My family is a very close family, and my parents love surfing so much that they moved to Hawaii so that they were able to surf everyday. “A lot of who I am comes from my parents,” I believe this is because they taught me to surf and put all of my faith in God. Today I am going to tell you about a major event that happened in my life, how I learned to grow from it, and what I have accomplished after this event. It was halloween morning in 2003, and thirteen year old me wanted to go surfing. Mom and I got ready and went out to surf. Since the waves were too small in our usual spot, we went a little further and found some of my friends as they were about to surf despite the miniature waves. I asked mom if I could stay with them and she said yes so I did just that. As we were sitting in the ocean on our boards, my arms were hanging into the water. A shark came up out of nowhere and bit my left arm. It all happened so fast I did not know what to…show more content…
I noticed how the amputee was able to do ordinary things, and he was even able to surf. This gave me hope that I would one day surf again. Not even a month after my accident, I wanted to learn how to surf again. Learning how to surf with one arm was a difficult task. Surfing takes balance, and balancing with one arm was way harder than balancing with two. I wanted to be independent when learning how to surf again, not wanting my dads help. Although I did not want his help, he told me to try putting my arm in the center of the board to help me balance. This helped me balance and gave me hope that I would definitely be able to surf. Riding my first wave after the accident felt amazing and it was an emotional time. This set the tone for my whole future surfing
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