Personal Narrative: How ADHD Changed My Life

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Ok so i typed this up last night on my computer but its my life story as good as i can remember and tell. I grew up never having money or much of anything my dad worked all day everyday to make sure the bills were paid and there was food on the table. my mom also worked late hours to help so it was essientally just me and my brother which caused me to grow up at a young age. Around the age of 5 or 6 they took me to the doctor becuase i would always raise hell and they were told i had an agressive case of ADHD. I was also held back in first grade so i had to do it twice. the meds they gave me for my ADHD changed me i wouldnt talk, eat, or do anything i just wanted to be alone and that is what made me not like medicine or doctors. then from around 3rd grade until 7th grade my parents constantly argued…show more content…
I would sit up at night crying missing my looking out the window for her but nothing. She would buy me gifts but my dad would destroy them infront of me and bad mouth her. During all of this is when i found my first love she was my escape from my broken home someone i could just go hang out with and forget it all. She lived a block away from me and we became super close and ended up dating and she was my first but of course my luck i was cheated on and she broke my heart. I wasnt smart about it i continued to talk to her and mess around with her and it took a toll on me and i completely changed i didnt want to go outside i just wanted to stay in where i couldnt be hurt. 8th grade year was when i lashed out i did all kinds of drugs was always in fights i pretty much just gave up until i met my friend taylor. she had a really bad case of cystic fibrosis but she didnt let it slow her down it amazed me. me and her became really close friends and she helped me through everything. i cant say enough good things about her if it was for her i probably wouldnt
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