Levinson's Psychosocial Development

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Introduction In our report we are going to discuss about the background of our interviewee, the challenges of his life and how he changes his personality. In our report, the intimacy and isolation of Erik Erikson’s psychosexual development, Levinson’s life structure theory can be use to apply on our interviewee. In our report, we are choosing Hillary Anak Mupung who is under the stage of young adulthood as our interviewee to observe his personality development changes across his lifespan. Young adulthood refer to the people have an age between 20 and 40. According to research proposed that happiness in young adulthood is usually derived from feelings of independent, competence or self-esteem. (Sheldon, 2001 as cited…show more content…
Hillary is a child, he only close to his mother and never communicate with other people even his siblings. This is because he think that only his mother will know what he want and needed. He also do not know how to communicate with other people because no once teach him how to communicate with the sign language due to his mother busy to work to earn money and leave him alone at home during his childhood. It can be said that Hillary is an anti-social child because he lack of communicate with his classmates when he was study in kindergarten and primary school. Besides, Hillary always get bullied by his classmates because his classmates think that he was an abnormal people when he was child and this cause him never trust stranger and lack attendance to school. That why he have no friends when he was child. However, Hillary had changed his personality in communication way with other people after he had learned the sign language in secondary school. When he studied in secondary school, he started to communicate with other people by using the sign language. This is because he started to learn the sign language during the secondary school which is SMK DPHA Gapor, Kuching. Ahmad Malik who is a teacher to Hillary that always accompany and teaches him a lot of things make him able to communicate with his classmates easy and until now he able to communicate with the stranger. Hillary…show more content…
Mr. Hillary is a 20 years old male who is deaf and dumb. He became a person who is deaf and dumb when he was 3 months old baby that cause by high fever. He had been bully by his classmate when he studied primary school, this lead him only believes his mother and do not like to communicate with other people. This lead him lack of social skill and the relationship between siblings are not intimate. His secondary school teacher, Ahmad Mali was inspired him to become an affirmative person and he also encouraged him to become a sociable people. Ahmad Malik makes him able to communicate with his classmates easy and until now him able to communicate with the stranger. Hillary also changed of the personality of dependent into independent people. When he still is a child, he always relies on his mother. However, after he had working at KFC, Kuching. He had changed his personality into independent people. After he worked, he knows that how suffer of her mother for take care of him and worked hard in order to raise him. Thus, he have a desire to work hard so that able to earn money to reduce his mother’s financial stress. Besides that, he has a girl friend that truly understands and considerate Hillary’s conditions and she did not mind he is a handicap. This means, Hillary has made the choices about his current and future job and take seriously about the relationships.
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