Life Orientation Speech

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LIFE ORIENTATION SPEECH BY CASEY JOHNSON. You are 19 years old and at a party. You and your friends are all mellow, chilling and goofing around. You drink some vodka with dash, I mean a little bit will not hurt anybody right? So drink another one and another one and…. Wait, that’s enough! Time has gone by and before you know it is 01: OO AM and you should have been home an hour ago. Your friends try to convince you to stay the night and leave the next morning but you refuse because you prefer your own bed and say ‘I only stay 10mins ‘. You get into your car, and greet your friends, off you go! Speeding along the way because you’re big now! But as you drive down the road, pedestrian runs out nowhere shouting for help and before you can press your brakes you’ve bumped her over and took a life. Drinking and driving. How fun it was to be a free adult for a few months, being able to do all the things that we could not do when we were kids. Until we kill…show more content…
Most of us all just think that we will get into a car accident, insurance will cover everything and by the next day it will all go away like it never happened. Well I’ve got news for you honey, that’s not happening. There are long term and immediate effects that take place. Your immediate would be the obvious, that you cause an accident either hurting yourself and to make it worse you could end up killing yourself. Other immediate effects would also be that you will be the cause of someone else’s death and cause injuries. There are also long term effects would also include depression, living in regret and even get diagnosed with PTSD. However, one should not take these lightly as being responsible for someone death will have a negative impact on the suspects life as you have people who envy you. In terms of the victim if he or she is left paralyzed or even you, your chances of doing what you love i.e. sports player won’t be able to
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