Life: The Best, And The Gift Of My Life

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Life is a huge and wonderful gift that God has made to us. Sometimes you feel that you do not deserve it and you reflect of how special you are to God that he made this gift. We born, life, and die; your lifetime is already done. You only decide how to live, not to born or die. Life is a short journey full of ups and downs, however at the end only counts how much you get up and fight. At this time I only know a lapse of my life of eighteen years, this could be all my life or a portion of it. My life is neither the best nor the worst, it is just a beautiful journey that I would live again if I have to. I have learned of every wrong and right step I have made, and, as a result, I have a life that no one has it. Janice Rolon Marrero and Jose Bolivar Aponte Colon are my guardian angels that God decide to give me as my parents. They already have a family when I came, which to me was an unknown world, because my older siblings already existed, Bolivar Alexander Aponte Rolon (24 years old) and Giannina Alexandra Aponte Rolon (21 years old). My parents never wanted to know my gender, they wanted to be surprised the day of my birth. Thus they wait until Friday, August 8, 1997, at 11:31 am in The Mennonite Hospital of Aibonito, the day a beautiful girl of 19 inches long and 7.14 pounds opened her eyes and was detached from the umbilical cord of her mother. It was the best blessing to my mother because she wanted another girl, however, my father wanted another boy. Consequently, my

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