Life Transition In Education

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Life Transition I learned the importance of a good education at a very young age. Keeping my education as a priority in my life journey has provided some solace through the most challenging time of my life. My childhood began with a firm educational foundation; my father played a major role in shaping my study habits, my interest in music, and my desire to always do my best academically. When I was very young my father talked about me going to college and how important knowledge was. I learned that there are no shortcuts to getting a great education or becoming a talented musician. I did not know back then that I would be forced to travel on my road to college without my father. When I was twelve years old, after my sister and mother had left the house, my father had unexpectedly passed away. This was emotionally devastating to me, my father was more than just a parent, he was my best friend, and it was hard to imagine life without him. With the support of my mother, older sister and my faith in God, I realized that the best way to go on was to keep a positive attitude and honor my father by obtaining the goals that we had set when I was younger. As I reflected upon my situation, I came to the revelation that I still possess all of the tools that my father supplied me with and that I would be…show more content…
I always put in the continuous effort in my studies, making sure that I not only complete the homework, but that I understand the curriculum. Resiliency is the trait that distinguishes me and best reflects my journey so far. When faced with an unfamiliar tragedy, I was and still continue to find hope, focus, and persevere in everything I do. Acceptance into the University of the Pacific will allow me the opportunity to greatly expand my knowledge and grow into the mature and professional person that I have always known that I can
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