Life Values Changed My Life Of A Grandfather's Life

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Death has never affected to me on an emotional level. I have felt the sadness around me when my uncle died, or when my great grandmother died. I was never close with them or even knew them very well, because they died when I was young. Now that I am older I understand what everyone was going through when they died. I felt their pain last year when my grandfather died of cancer. His death affected more than just my family; it affected everyone that he knew and loved He was a very loving, compassionate person and did everything he could to serve the community and help anyone he could. Reflecting back on my grandfather’s legacy, I came to the realization that many of my life values reflected his lifestyle. In the last year of his life he was in and out of hospitals, because of his many conditions. Upon getting checkups the doctors discovered that he had a “leaky” valve in his heart. He got open heart surgery, which led to him getting overwhelmingly sick. Four years prior to the surgery, he had prostate cancer which the doctors got under control. After the heart surgery, the cancer came back, more viscous than before.
We got the letter one day while visiting him. As my father read , my sisters and I watched his face go white. We knew what was written just by his face, but did not want to accept it. As the months went on the cancer crept further and further throughout his body. This is because he had diabetes and many other problems so they could not administer the steroids

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