Steve Jobs Life Mission Statement

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Life mission statement, the expression of person’s vision and values, is composed of principles we usually take for granted. We get our unique or already existing values by designing and modifying life-lessons and experience. Life values are the core of the mission statement and they drive our decisions in every situation that may become crucial for the life path.
Steve Jobs is an example that proves that our decisions are based on principles we value. Steve Jobs presents the importance of defining these principles in his commencement speech (2005). He summarizes failures and difficulties, and the lessons he learned. And in Jobs’ case, for instance, the value of the love towards his job and profession encouraged him to stay in even after being fired from his own company, and it also gave the power for not being afraid of “being a beginner again” and starting a new company. That means enjoying and loving your career will surely help you to be persistent, flexible and stay optimistic, as a result, you will discover and develop yourself and your creative abilities. This life value, love, also led him to take every chance and enjoy each minute, as he determined for himself to love what he was doing uncondi-tionally and until the end. He is a person that follows the values in his mission statement to choose the best roads of the life path.
Another value that has an impact on our decisions is the value of equality. If we have this value, we must think about gender equality and
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