Life Without Cause: World Without Cause Is Life Without Effect

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Life Without Cause is Life Without Effect
When we observe this universe, we observe that everything in it performs some function or the other. The universe and its constituents perform their functions with such efficiency that it can be said that each constituent came into existence to perform the functions that define it; as if, the very cause for it to be there was to perform those few functions. To think about that object not adhering to that one cause of performing its functions, makes the object seem redundant; that there is no point in that object occupying that space in the universe. Think about a malfunctioning electric switch. There is no effect produced when the switch is in ‘off’ position. There is also no effect produced
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Their manufacture and origin is definite. They don’t have a mind to think, they don’t have the concept of sensation or emotion. What distinguishes life from pens, cars and milk packets is its complexity which arises out of life’s ability to think with a mind of its own, to feel and to have emotions. Throughout time, the cause for which life has existed has been varying. In the very start, single-celled life’s point of existence was to feed and survive. They soon came onto land and then started their cause to protect and maintain territory. Like this, the cause for life has been changing according to time. On the other hand, things without life have a definite cause to enact. These are just a few differences. To answer the question as to whether the same principle applies to life, we need a definite idea as to what life is and everything that is alive must be…show more content…
Life has been around for billions of years now. What has it been doing all these years? 3.5 billion years ago, life emerged on this planet in a single-cell form, much simpler than today’s fully grown, multi-cellular beings. At this time, Earth was still in the process of formation and there would be a steady shower of asteroids falling from space. Life survived through this and reached a whole new level. Single-celled organisms turned into multi-celled organisms. This, around 3 billion years ago, was when oxygen began to occupy Earth’s atmosphere which lead to an ice-age. Life survived through this and 200 million years later, another ice-age covered Earth with snow. Life evolved accordingly. Then Ordovician Ordeal followed and wiped out 85% of life on Earth. Then life took the form of dinosaurs and ruled Earth for thousands of years. In this time, life evolved so much that there was development of flight, birth of the first known mammals and many more wonders. Then came the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs and some other forms of life. Following this, 25 million years ago, the primates which would develop over time to become Homo Sapiens, came into existence. Similarly, plants went through the same ordeals animals went through and both of them evolved accordingly. Thus, throughout history, life has been doing nothing but

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