We Ll All Die One Day Poem Analysis

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The world is dying each and every day. Any moment, in a day, a person, animal or type of natural environment could die. Therefore, as people and things, such as trees, die, they begin to grow old just before death. It’s a part of life. British author, Tim Lott, who is a prolific travel journalist, wrote the article, We’ll all die one day. Isn’t it time we got used to the idea?, which asserts, “But death is part of life – there could be no meaningful life without it.” Lott makes an excellent point, life wouldn’t be life without death. The world would become overpopulated, and generations would not be seen as how they are today if no one passed away. On a different note, the poem Sailing to Byzantium, deals with an old man who is about to pass away. The…show more content…
The first line literally informs, “That is no country for old men,” (line 1, 1147). The narrator, the old man, states this while sailing away from the island he was once on. He says that young people are running the world, and are all around. They’re mating and the birds are chirping, but the past generations are dying off. The old man proclaims that even though he is old, that doesn’t mean he no longer has a purpose. He feels like the young are overpopulating the world. On the other hand, when older people grow old, they begin to lose their jobs by young people. For example, the article, Young workers expect their older colleagues to get out of the way, written by Michael North, Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations, proclaims, “Young people expect older adults to avoid engaging in the popular trends and activities that are the territory of the young.” The young feel as though they should be in control of new jobs, popularity trends and other activities done by people. To sum it all up, young people are taking over the world, and the man in this poem addresses the issue, in which began at the beginning of the twentieth
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