Life Without Despair Speech

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Life without harmony is brutal. Just as life without someone to talk to is brutal. People often have to change themselves to be a part of the exclusive group. The popular kids. When you aren’t a popular kid, you are shunned by the rest of the world. A misfit. Someone who really doesn’t have a purpose, right? You are pushed further and further down into this terrible depth. This depth called despair. We have all been in the great depths of despair. Maybe, I don’t matter. And nobody even seems to understand. Do they really want to be my friend? Perhaps I am a token item. Look! Susan can be friends with someone deemed unfriendable! Someone made to be laughed at. These thoughts keep us in the depths of despair. Once in, it seems impossible to get out. Some never get out. Some give up. But, some end up leaving stronger than before. From personal experience, I know the depths of despair will hold you tight and forever if nobody helps you. You see, the problem with school, and really any platform, is that people think it’s better to be exclusive. If they stay with the popular kids instead of the kids that are depressed, then they will be happy, and popular, and live the perfect lives. Maybe they don’t see us. The kids that hurt. But, by excluding people, you may as well be stabbing them in the gut. Being mean, hurting someone, whether it’s emotionally or physically, is better than not caring at all. By not caring, you may as well be there, watching them hurt themselves. You may as
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