Life Without Problems In Life

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Every person in this wide world must have some life issues and problems, some of these problems are easy to solve and some aren’t, but even if you tried to avoid problems, they will come to you, because a life without issues is impossible it.well, you can have one but only in heaven.

In this essay I am going to talk about a specific problem that many young men are facing and I faced it personally two years ago, which is being unemployed eventhough having college degree.

When I started my studies, I wasn’t worried about the after college life, because I entered the civil engineering college and my uncle has an engineering company ,so that my goal was entering his company and be a part of it. But in my senior year, my uncle’s company broke
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In this part I had big trouble, a fitting job wasn’t found! I started searching in my small village for a work in my purview, well, it could be funny to tell you that there wasn’t a single civil engineering company! The only one was my uncle’s before its disaster. This situation forced me to move to the city near us, and the second problem was here: every company needs employees with experiences, so they don’t accept newly graduated students. I knew after this that my next station would be travelling abroad for a job, and in this part I knew that my uncle’s company can’t be rebuilt. I moved to Canada, because many of my friend there praised that country in how easily you can find a job in your purview there and some of them gave me some steps. Firstly, I acted as they constructed me and followed their steps, but that was really useless, so I managed the situation in the way I prefer. Finally and after one wasted year of my life I found the job I dreamed of. But the tragedies didn’t end here, the salary was one thousand dollars only! The good part was that I got the experience that companies in my country have asked for but the bad part was that it took me two years, so in total they were three years wasted, and the worse that I was powerful and full of strength and I know this will be decreased by the next few decades, so I felt really bad about
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