Life Without Prosthetics

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Imagine a life with no leg. How about no arm? This would be life without prosthetics for amputees, soldiers, or disease survivors. Prosthetics have made the quality of life so much higher for an innumerable amount of people. Prosthetics come in different varieties such as arms and legs. Some people would never have as normal of a life experience if there were no prosthetics. Prosthetics have definitely raised the quality of life, and made people’s lives unthinkably easier! They have had such an impact and given so much hope to people that may have never have been able to do their favorite things without them. In the next few minutes I will be talking about how prosthetics have affected the world, what the world would be like without this invention,…show more content…
In an article published by Prosthetic Design, we learn that there are four main types of prosthetics. The types are joint prosthetics, arm prosthetics, leg prosthetics, and cosmetic prosthetics. The different types help a wider range of people be able to use prosthetics, and have an easier and more normal life experience. If prosthetics had not been invented, a huge amount of people would not be able to do many things such as walking or sports. Think about the Paralympics! Many of the athletes there would not have the opportunity to do the amazing things they do if prosthetics were not around. Imagine if you lost your leg to cancer, but were a star player on your sports team. What if prosthetics were never invented? You would not have the opportunity to continue doing what you love! It’s amazing how much of a difference prosthetic limbs make in people’s lives. From everyday activities to famous events, prosthetics have helped all groups of people and will continue for years to…show more content…
You have heard about the amazing affect prosthetics have had on all different kinds of people! Advancements in prosthetics are being made currently and will continue for years to come. A world without prosthetics is unimaginable for so many people. They give hope to amputees, disease survivors, people who have been paralyzed, and so many others. Can you even believe how important prosthetics are for this many people? You now know about how much easier prosthetics make life. Prosthetics are used so often and necessary for many people! I sure am glad that prosthetics were invented to raise the quality of life for so

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