Life Without Smart Phone Essay: One Day Without Smartphone

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One Day without Smartphone "Smartphones, smartphones, smartphones. On public transport is busy replying to chat via smartphone. In the shopping center busy checking app notifications via smartphone. The restaurant is busy commenting on other people's posts through smartpone. Male or female, old or young, alone or in groups, busy with their own smartphones. "That is what my dad said when I asked him why he was not interested in using a smartphone. Undeniably, I also admit how difficult it is to live without using a smartphone. Socialize, play games, order food, order modes of transportation, to shop can be done through a smartphone. It was easier and faster. Therefore, the smartphone is one of the most sought after and desired by everyone.…show more content…
I kept replying to their messages until I realized that it was past midnight. I often forget to learn to test or do the tasks that need to be collected tomorrow. After I thought, it seems like life without a smartphone is not bad. But that does not mean smarthphone is bad, because we have to accept it as a form of a technological advance. But now I think I am making it difficult for myself after getting a smartphone. I often feel obliged to do something on the basis of prestige or because others do it too. Hastily replied to the message because did not want to be called not fun at all. Hurry to give like and comments in other people's posts to be called nice friend. Or hastily upload photos on social media to be called updates. "Legitimate if you want to use a smartphone. And there is nothing wrong with the use of social media. It is everyone's right and choice. But it is better if we can set aside time for the happiness of ourselves as well as happy people closest to us. It is ironic if we are even closer to friends who are in different cities or countries, compared to their own families. Let us put our smartphones for a moment, then we can find amazing things that can not be given by any smartphone,” said my

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