Life Without Student Debt Essay

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For you to find a way out of poverty you must do so throughout the college group. This is often times one of the biggest selling points of higher education. You spend all of this money and time in college, and this will help you to jump up several levels on the economic ladder (Bedford). But is this actually true? Is college still worth all of the time, money, and effort put into it. Today it is becoming increasingly harder to graduate college without student debt. A staggering number of nearly seventy percent of students that have a bachelor’s degree leave school with debt. Which can have major consequences for the U.S. economy. This debt may be preventing Americans from making bigger purchases that drive economic growth (Berman). This is…show more content…
This means students are going to school but with less money to pay for it which results in an uptick in student debt (Berman). A study done in September which was published by the Brookings Institution found evidence that large share of the increase in the number of students who are having difficulty paying off their loans is tied to the students borrowing to go to for-profit schools. There are many other factors that play a role in the growth of student debt. Many people believe that it is the rise in college cost. Also many seventeen year old kids don’t understand what owing tens of thousands of dollars in loans will mean for them when they graduate. When they leave high school they think that they can go to the most expensive school money can pay for, but in reality they cannot. Many parents are encouraging their children to reach for the stars, which they should, but you must also do so within your means. You must also understand that mommy and daddy are not going to be paying for everything. In all college is still worth it. The cost of college is definitely a huge factor to the debt that many Americans face today, but they must be smart and
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