Life Without Technology Essay

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Technology, it’s in our everyday lives. As time moves along so does the instruments we use in our everyday activities. The most innovating piece of technology could be found in your pockets. The tool I’m referring to would be seen as the glorious smart phone, which has wired millions of kids minds to think that there would be no life without it. In fact, we are now providing kids this technology in school at a very early age. Some elders might see this as an absurd concept, but in today 's generation giving a child this expensive equipment is seen as “ordinary”. Technology has added simplicity to our lives and has pushed the envelope so far that mankind could never think of the extreme advancements of today. Great minds located all over the world have developed technology at one hundred miles per hours. This only leaves us with one question. Do we run with it? As we dissect this question, we soon come to realize that it’s not an option. In order to survive, we must adapt. Taking a look at previous centuries, the luxuries we have now can’t compare to the ones people had before. However, It 's inevitable that we were going to push in this direction. Not only for our own entertainment, but also to save many lives. From doctors using precise machinery to perfect surgeries, to the government picking up unanticipated attacks from foreigners with high tech radars. There 's no argument that technology has only improved our lives. There still might be people claiming that these
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