Short Essay: Life Without Technology

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As we know technology become one of the importance things in people life without technology such as smartphone ,laptop and tablets people can't communicate especially with they family. This can become worst if people always used the tenhologies currently in life. Before this if we wanted to call people we used a public phone which is we have to use coins to start the conversation until ends it. It not easy right ,but now years by years people become smart and creative .The cretivity means by the design of the phone . Phone also have their own revolution which is the screen or camera . Before this it just have one camera in one phone but now we have 2 camera in one phone which include a selfie camera .this huge revolution made people become more creative but sometimes become lazy actually.
This creativity can conclude in modern innovation . Nowdays there are to many innovation that made by young
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Nowdays , if we want to find a jobs we must have the own qualification .to use an internet we also have know how to used it right . Surfing internet is the best hobby espesially when holiday . When we do this activities , we can increase our knowledge and information when reading . There 's are many web that we can surf to read a new news . For example is bbc , national geographic and also cnn . This can save our money from because we just use an internet acess to knew something . We just use our gadjet usually a smartphone , laptop or a tablet this is more compact than newspapers , books and magizine . It's also can save our energy to buy the the books . We just slide the screen if want to read another pages , it's more easy and more relaxing .besides , we also can watch movie in youtube . We don't have to go to the cinema and pay to watch movie we just type the title of the movie in the youtube and watch it . It' s easy and fast . It ' s also save money

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