Life You Save May Be Your Own Feminist Analysis

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In Flannery O'Connor's “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” It begins with a woman named Mrs.Crater along with her thirty year old deaf daughter Lucynell. The two women watch as a man named Tom Shiftlet approaches their porch and comments on the sunset. At first, the old woman doesn’t like him and speaks of the man harshly calling him a “tramp” due to him having one arm. Tom notices the women have a car as a result comments on it. Mrs Crater tells Tom that the car hasn't run in over fifteen years as to when her husband passed away. Nevertheless, Tom is still allowed to work on their farm with them in exchange for food and shelter. The two women gain an understanding of Tom a bit better likewise, it is obvious Lucynell is eager to marry Tom. Tom creates a plan to fix the car but needs money to buy parts for it, Lucynell then gives him money for the car, the next day Tom has the car running. Some time later, Mrs. Crater ends up enjoying having Tom around asking him to marry Lucynell. Tom agreed to marry her daughter with an evil intent on leaving, although they attempted to wed a few times, although failed due to no money. Tom and Lucynell eventually got married, Mrs. Crater agreed to let her daughter go on a honeymoon with Tom. After a hundred…show more content…
He was wandering around had no friends, no vehicle, and no money. Throughout the story he felt as if they world was just trying to drag him down. He thought to himself nothing in the world is like it used to be. He ended up leaving Lucynell and having the hitch kicking boy hop out of his car. He believes nothing great was going to happen the way his life was, although in the end he runs away from the family and is leaving to where he desires with no remorse. When he married Lucynell he felt he had a lingering piece of salvation left in him, nevertheless after he left, he felt like he had lost all hope, causing the clouds to appear and for it to
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