Lifeboat: A Fictional Narrative

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Register to read the introduction…I wasn 't sure if he was trying to keep me calm or himself. I figured right now wasn 't the best time to ask. The rocking of the floor was giving me a stomach ache. “Jump Abela, I promise you will be ok, just jump don’t worry about me” he breathed, trying to sound assured that we would be ok. I looked down I saw the lifeboat and without looking back I jumped. There was a small shock not as near as traumatizing I as I thought it would be. I swam over to the lifeboat and got on board along with a lady and her daughter. The lady looked about 35 and the girl was about 5 and was clinging to her mother 's wet arm. They made me think about how i was clinging to my mom as she walked through the burning building with the ceiling burning and falling all over us over us. I thought i’d never let go. I never wanted to. “Abela are you ok I know that this is scary but you need to focus” Miked bawled. “I’m fine” I clarified. “do you hear that Mike someone 's yelling for help” “Honey I think you are very traumatized so you are hearing things. Just take a deep breath” he tried to sound comforting but he really wasn’t. I Know what i heard there is someone still in there I have to help them. If Mike is not going help I have to find someone else to…show more content…
“Honey if there is someone in there they can 't be saved the ship is sinking too fast” Mike added. He was right why would I risk my life if there 's no hope for them. What am I thinking i am being a horrible person for just thinking that. “Your wrong Mike. and I am going to prove it to you” I answered. Before MIke could say anything to stop me I dived in. The shock this time was far worse than the

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