Lifebuoy Marketing Strategy

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MARKETING MIX OF LIFEBUOY PRODUCT: Lifebuoy is a brand of UNILEVER among many other brands, whose main aim looks to promote health and hygiene around the world through different ways such as imparting knowledge, coming up with products that enable the elimination of germs and by making these products reach even the most remote areas. A brand that had started over a century ago for the UK market and has now become the preferred soap brand for mothers and the most favorable soap brand in over 44 countries across the globe. They have been really innovative in coming up with various products which range from soaps to hand sanitizers and soaps, and even to body care products for men and women. For example, lifebuoy has been able to come up with…show more content…
This way they are able to show people that they are true to their core concept of health and hygiene and also promote and market their products to customers. For example, this year they plan to pick people from 50 different nationalities to participate in the global hand washing event in Dubai in an attempt to break the Guinness world record. This is a marketing campaign that lifebuoy is using to bring awareness of their product to customers by achieving a prominent record under their…show more content…
It has an extensive distribution mix and a large and visible brand loyalty. It has a Brand Loyalty so strong that at one point of time, the word Lifebuoy was synonymous to soap. It has a wide range of products such as Hand Washes, Hand Sanitizers and many others. It is the most prevalent brand in the hygiene segment in majority of the rural areas. When given a option, customers are steadfast to Lifebuoy. They target certain sects instead of all customers to expand their ventures. Lifebuoy uses technology that is new and superior to give them a competitive advantage over competition. The price range in which they operate is affordable to all and is reasonable. They have a highly efficient and highly skilled team of Human Resource Management (HRM), Sales and Marketing. It is also one of the first soap companies to use carbolic acid as an ingredient. This carbolic acid is what gives Lifebuoy the distinctive red colour and the strong medical

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