Lifelong Education: Factors Affecting Lifelong Learning

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Factors Affecting Lifelong Learning and Lifelong Education

A Critical Reflection


This paper will reflect on the factors affecting the lifelong learning and lifelong education based on my own experiences and observations with my students. Dave (1973) mentioned that physiological change and growth is another mainspring in lifelong learning occurring at different stages of life so I will discuss some stages of life of an individual concerning lifelong education and lifelong learning. Globalization and international competition, evolution of knowledge, development of information and technological communication, and modernization of living makes lifelong learning a requirement (S. Halimi,2005).

Lifelong education as explained
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What is right in other places may not be the same to the others. Example, the Filipino culture of helping our parents especially during hard times is nothing but an obligation of the children to their parents. However, in some parts of the world, particularly in Europe, financial assistance to their families and loved ones should be paid and returned in agreed time. Thus, some Filipinos find it absurd while the counterpart found the Filipinos gesture impractical. This manner is an evidence of individual’s variation of social roles confronted with what is right from infancy (R.Dave…show more content…
Sudden change of environment like in cases of migration is sometimes traumatic to a child (Doctor and Khan, 2008, p.344). Just like a student transferred from one school to another. I once had a transferee from Santa Isabel College. Her family chooses to enroll her in public school after graduating in elementary from Santa Isabel. She is as quiet as she is adapting herself to her new environment. She was so naïve and I often see her crying. She told me that she is not used to loud voices and shouting because according to her everybody spoke softly and kindly from her previous school. Everyone falls in line in the canteen while she needs to brag in her new school whenever she needs to buy something. Eventually, I saw her changing little by little and started making friends. She slowly adapting to her new community. This shows that adaptive learning is working on her. That adaptive learning is also present in lifelong learning. Based on the above experience, I conclude that adaptive learning emerges in an event or in a certain situation when an individual needs to survive. Dave (1973) tells that adaptive function of the individual is fulfilled through lifelong

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