Disadvantages Of Lifelong Learning

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The definition of what Lifelong Learning has dramatically changed over the past decades, moving from a broad and encompassing conception of Lifelong Learning for economic, personal and political benefit towards a much more narrow view which emphasises first and foremost the economic rationale. The tension between economic and democratic imperatives is not only felt in schools, colleges and universities but is also increasingly having an impact on Lifelong Learning. Though the concept of Lifelong Learning has been central to adult, vocational and continuing or tertiary education and training, this paper will discuss the purpose of Lifelong Learning and whether the focus is on personally-directed development or the sustaining of
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It emphasises lifelong learning as individuals’ responsibilities to develop and maintain their skill sets throughout their working life for work.
Bagnall (2000) argued that contemporary Lifelong Learning discourse highlights that the current education reform is the inclusion of the “valorisation of lifelong learning.” This is a product of economic determinism that is largely driven and determined by considerations of costs and benefits as measured through the economy. Bagnall felt that the value of education and learning is reduced to assessment of their contribution and cost to individual, local, national or global economic well-being. In addition, Lifelong Learning is also assessed in terms of its contribution to occupational skill development. From a definition perspective, I am inclined to support the contemporary view of adopting the ‘Triadic Nature of Lifelong Learning’ which, having a continuum of skilful and competent individuals within an economy and national economic well-being is tightly
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It provided an intellectual basis for a comprehensive understanding of education as a continuing aspect of everyday life. Smith (2001) added that in recent years, there has been a shift into discussion of Lifelong Learning and the more “problematic notion of informal learning.” Matheson & Matheson (1996) expressed that Lifelong Education has all the trappings of what is termed a ‘good idea’ but in its present form is too confused to be of real use. According to Bagnall (2000), Lifelong Education is supposed to concentrate on policies, practices and engagement intended to direct or encourage Lifelong

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